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Foundation Regional Development Agency (R.D.A.) of Korca was established in April 1998 as an element of civil society to develop the SMEs, support the local and national government for the development of the region of Korca, build capacities for civil society organizations (C.S.Os), build capacities for vulnerable people and women and fight poverty through job creation and business startup, prepare and implement projects and programs for the economic, social and cultural development of the region, encourage and develop Cross Border Cooperation with neighboring countries and beyond, etc.


Through cooperation with donors, government and the community, RDA Korca has worked for: private sector support, creating conditions for empowering central and local government institutions and strengthening cross-border cooperation.


Development of Korca Region and beyond by supporting the SMEs, improving local government services to the community and developing the civil society.

Economic Development

Foundation “Regional Development Agency (SME)”, supports the economic development of the Korca Region.

Our organization is a great support to:

  • Young people who want to start a business based on their entrepreneurial trends;
  • Expanding the existing businesses in the urban and rural areas of Korca Region.


The priorities of Foundation R.D.A. Korca are:

  • To promote the progress of local and regional economic development;
  • To promote the efficiency of businesses and increase their competitive abilities;
  • To promote employment;
  • To strengthen and develop the skills of employers and employees for success in employment;
  • To contribute to the sustainable economic development of Korca Region.


  • Ongoing support for project development, business plans, feasibility studies, marketing studies;
  • Training in various fields, related to businesses start-up and development;
  • Regional, national and international development projects in regards to the region’s urban and rural development (or fields related to such development);
  • Development of projects related to environmental protection and adaption to climate change;
  • Support the creation and empowerment of citizens and Civil Society networks in fields related to economic, social and regional development.   


Our main role in SMEInnoBoost Project is to support the SME competitiveness by increasing knowledge and understanding of current innovation capacity and strengthening SMEs capacity by providing the necessary toolkit and strategies, enable know-how sharing and networking and support policy makers in fact-based decision-making in the area of innovations by providing statistical data for benchmarking on transnational, national, sectoral and SME level.

Foundation Regional Development Agency (S.M.E)

L.7, Konferenca e Pezes, P.1, kati 2

Korca, Albania

Tel/Fax: ++355 82242426

Email: rdakorca@yahoo.com