The Interim meeting was organized as part of the Working Package 1 in the framework of the project “SMEInnoBoost” financed under the Interreg - Balkan-Mediterranean 2014 - 2020 Transnational Program.

The meeting was hosted by the State Statistical Office of the Republic of North Macedonia (PP3), Albania and took place in the conference hall of “Hotel Garden” in Ohrid on May 28th, 2019.

Representatives of all project partners, except for PP5, and members of the Steering Committee were present in the meeting.


An opening conference for the Project “SME Innovation Capacity Boost” was held on 31.05.2018, at the restaurant “Den i Nokj” in Skopje.

Around 120 emails were sent to enterprises and people of interest. The focus is on enterprises from the IT sector, then the companies whose activity is computer programming, consulting and related activities, as well as for data processing companies, hosting and Internet portals and other information service activities.

A banner and promotional materials for the event, were printed out.